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Inauguration Meeting of the Business Education Component

On Friday 18/12/2020, the inauguration meeting of the business education project took place in Tunis to incorporate entrepreneurship into the Libyan educational system and Libyan universities.

The event was organized in the presence of deans and vice-presidents of 7 Libyan universities, including Tripoli University, Misurata University, Gharyan University, Sebha University, Jufra University, the University of Zawiya and the Zintan University, and the Director of the University Affairs Department, Director of International Cooperation Office at the Ministry of Education in Libya, Erasmus plus Programme Coordinator at the Ministry, and the educational Adviser at the Libyan Embassy in Tunis.

The meeting was also attended by from the European side by the programme manager and the head of operations in the European Union mission to Libya, and by the deputy director of the European Programme for supporting the Private Sector in Libya, Education project director and the head of communications at Expertise France, and via the internet, the president of the French University of Lyon and the director of the Entrepreneurship Center were present.

This meeting comes within the framework of the implementation of EU4PSL, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, to strengthen the private sector and support entrepreneurship activities. It is considered as the cornerstone of entrepreneurship education in all Libyan higher education institutions. It includes the development of a roadmap and a strategy to promote entrepreneurship education, the designing of a curriculum, as well as the establishment of a unit specialized in entrepreneurship within the Ministry of Education and Libyan universities in cooperation with international expertise at the University of Lyon.

Once the universities will agree on the curriculum, they will then have their staff trained and be able to deliver courses specially designed for students interested in entrepreneurship.