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12 Students Awarded by Future Entrepreneurs Competition

Within the framework of the European Programme to Support the Private Sector in Libya, EU4PSL, funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, Future Entrepreneur Competition was held at the Tibesti Hotel in Benghazi, and Haroun Hotel in Tripoli on the 19th of December 2020. It gathered 12 students from all Libyan regions to compete before the jury and obtain financial funding to support and develop their projects. One winner from each region was selected. The students pitched their projects and a committee selected the best business plans.

This competition came after 120 students from all over Libya participated in intensive training boot camps on entrepreneurship and the basics of business management and communication, which was organized by local civil society organizations in cooperation with universities in different cities of Libya after they received technical support from Expertise France.

These events were sponsored by HB group and Miza Financial Services.