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Launch of “Libya: Increasing trade transparency through the EuroMed Trade Helpdesk”

On May 19th, 2020 - Expertise France in Libya in collaboration with ITC, MoEI and the General Union of Chambers of Commerce launched  “Libya: Increasing trade transparency through the EuroMed Trade Helpdesk” virtually on WebEX to prevent any issues related to COVID-19 but also as the agency is keen to continue all its activities during this time. 

The launch was attended by (1) Mr Mussa Ezubik, General Manager, Private Sector Development and Investment Department, Ministry of Economy & Industry (MoEI), (2) Mr Antonis Tsamoulis, Programme Manager, Economic, Private Sector and
Trade Development, Delegation of the European Union to Libya, (3) Ms Elodie Robin, Manager, EuroMed Trade and Investment Facilitation Mechanism project, International Trade Centre and (4) Mr Sophiane Mehiaoui, Key expert in economic development and institutional capacity building, Expertise France. 

The programme implements an online portal that allows SMEs and companies to access trade-related information, including customs tariffs and technical requirement, in each of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries.